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ellie d. | Can't Walk Away

LA artist ellie d. has released her new track 'Can't Walk Away'.


'Can't Walk Away' features ellie's sweet and delicate vocals, which have a gorgeous, rich sound. The track has a commercial feel to it, but with a quirky indie pop vibe which is fresh and upbeat, indulgent electro-pop beats, yet gentle at the same time. Very cleverly done, layered and super easy to listen to with a captivating melody.

“'Can’t Walk Away' is about getting involved and staying in a relationship that you know is not healthy. It’s about getting caught up, even though your friends warn you to take it easy. It’s conflicted desire. Will you be happier walking away? You just can’t seem to leave it all behind. Maybe you wish you never pressed play on the relationship in the first place. You thought you'd be ok."

ellie d. is a young artist going through the growing pains of her early 20's with songs that are emotional vent sessions, navigating through themes such as post-college blues, coming of age and self-discovery. Her music style mimics the sentiments of LA, vibe, groovy, chill, fun, energetic hopeful, yet massive, yet surprisingly enough she grew up with rock influence - citing Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Billy Joel, The Who and Fleetwood Mac as some of her favourites.

'Can't Walk Away' is out now.


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