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Ellie Moon | Kylie Jenner

Ellie Moon has revealed her debut EP 'MOONiSMS', featuring brand new track 'Kylie Jenner' alongside three other perfectly crafted, witty and unique pop songs.


Stone cold bop ‘Kylie Jenner’ is an exploration into instagram culture and all of its associated evils paired with a charming and classic true British pop vibe and sweet vocals.

"This song was inspired by the dynamics, differences and social (media) pressures of groups of friends. In particular there is that one friend who always brings the mood down with drama and being generally (but consistently) annoying i.e., takes FOREVER to get ready, films and photographs literally everything for Instagram, gets way too drunk, cries, vomits and then gets you kicked out of wherever you were. If you don’t know who this friend is - then it’s probably you (sorry)”

Ellie Moon is modern pop music done right and could be compared to the likes of Lily Allen with her quirky melodies, razor sharp humour and everyday witty 'kitchen-sink drama' lyrics. Her sound is a glorious mix of big, bold brassy sounds, classic“beatles-esque” song structures, and what Ellie describes as:

“a weird 80s country edge, with country guitars and drums...It fits together really well and you feel satisfied afterwards.”

This amazing accessible pop sound is enhanced by Ellie’s lyrics, holding together each song with a charm that’s impossible to resist.

“When I first started writing for this EP, I was 18 and in the midst of teen dramas where the smallest of things seem so dramatic and get blown out of proportion,” she explains. “It develops from me having silly stories about my friends, to realising it’s a cool thing to write about - it’s my voice, it’s actually me!”

Ellie realised early on that there was no point in writing about subjects she hasn’t experienced, eschewing the classic subjects of love and loss in favour of real stories. Debut EP ‘MOONiSMS’ is an introduction to the world of Ellie Moon, the artist we’ve been waiting for for a long time!


Listen to 'Kylie Jenner' and 'MOONiSMS' HERE Instagram: @thisiselliemoon


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