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Ellur | Moments

20 year old indie-pop darling Ellur has released her brand new single 'Moments', her first release with independent Leeds label Dance To The Radio.

Glistening synth lines and glimmers of authentic and wholesome indie-pop sets the backdrop for 'Moments'. Lyrically, the track speaks about reclaiming power after heartbreak and growing from the experience with a powerful and rebellious chorus and passionate blend of melodies. A luscious fusion of modern and nostalgic, both bold and anthemic 'Moments' is everything you want to hear from an upcoming artist. Ellur is creating music for everyone - gritty and raw, yet heartfelt and dreamy whilst showcasing her incredible talent for writing songs that are sure to be absolute hits.

Ellur said on the track:

"I wrote Moments last winter after a breakup and it was this really sad, brooding ballad, but it really transformed when we took it to the studio. It became a sort of happier reflection on that relationship and the better times of it. The final section where I really go for it, is probably my favourite bit and the lines"But all the years I'd trade, for a second to stay, in this moment we made" are some of my favourite lyrics I've written.”

Since writing her first songs when she was just 11, Ellur continued to create music throughout her teens and turned to the empowering attitude and aesthetic of feminist icons like Madonna, Kate Bush and Stevie Nicks to inspire her.

Produced by Lee Smith, Ellur's new EP will be released throughout the Autumn and glimmers with sparkling synth hooks and huge choruses. The 'Moments' EP is a bold and honest exploration into human relationships that mirrors the pop hooks and festival ready choruses of modern day artists such as HAIM and Lorde, whilst nodding to the 80's anthems that she grew up listening to. You can catch Ellur live at the Live At Leeds Closing Party with Baby Queen and Oscar Lang on October 17th.

'Moments' is out now. Listen HERE @ellurrrr


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