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Emily Vu | Self Love

18-year old pop sensation Emily Vu has released her track 'Self Love', which is also featured on her EP 'Found', which is the epilog to her two part EP series, following the release of 'Lost &'.


'Self Love' is a melodic eletro-pop masterpiece about positivity. With crisp vocals, funky beats and catchy lyrics, the track is super slick. With confidence boosting abilities, 'Self Love' is guaranteed to cheer you up after only one listen.

Emily says on the track,

"'Self Love' is basically just about how I'm a confident person. You'll never catch me in my feelings over something someone said. I wrote this song because ever since I started doing music and it became a real thing for me, people who have no idea who I am always have something to say about me. They say I've changed and that I'm full of myself, but I honestly just love myself."

Born and raised in Garden Grove, CA, Emily Vu was only 4 years old when she expressed an interest in music. Now, a trained guitarist and pianist, having picked them up at a very early age, she is following her successful debut release 'What Happened, Happened', which received well over 7 million streams on Spotify, and using her personality and musical talent to win over the hearts of the internet.

The 'Found' EP is out now


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