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Emma Essinger | OH OH OH

'OH OH OH' is written and produced by Emma Essinger. It’s an Indie-Pop power anthem dashed with heartache and pep. With strikingly fierce vocals it will catch your attention by the first beat.

Emma is not the average pop artist shaped in the same streamlined form. She has an interesting, diverse and sometimes surprising background, attended one of Scandinavia’s finest jazz schools and has been making a living on her musicianship ever since.


Emma personifies the essence of a cool and colorful artist, writing and producing her music and on top of that she is one of the most outstanding sax players out there. As of right now she is in the studio finishing the works of her debut EP to be released later this year.

She’s been collaborating with world renowned artists, most recently singing on the opening track of the former Frank Zappa and Duran Duran member Warren Cuccurullo’s new album and she’s had Tove Lo in her own band. Now she is on her very own journey exploring the ride!

Emma says.

“The song is about fighting that negative voice in your head, having two different sides, one supportive who says “come on you can do it” and one who says, “f**k no, back off ”. I also wrote it as an honest talk to myself that in the end should be like a pep talk and a reminder to grab life at its core.”

 The soundscape of 'OH OH OH' is built of tweaked raw beats from drumming and hitting on all sorts of boxes, guitars and stuff in a bomb shelter in the SOFO district of Stockholm - a pumping baritone sax, a trashed acoustic guitar melody and lots of saxopohone layers.

“I thought it was fun to use all my saxes to create a soundscape instead of like a synthesizerpad. For me producing music feels a bit like when you were young and played with barbie dolls.You build up a world, paint over, move in and move out — like anything can happen as long as you keep your headphones on".

Starting out 2020 by releasing her latest self produced single”OH OH OH” is just the beginning of a jam packed yearfull of new music and collaborations. Emma is female empowerment personified and no matter what she does there is always a layer of punk.


Listen to 'OH OH OH' HERE

Instagram: @emmaessinger


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