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Emma Norton | Social Spotlight

What's your name & where are you from?

My name is Emma Norton and I'm from Denver, Colorado! 

What is a unique fact or story about you?

Something you could say is unique about me is that I've been training as a dancer, singer, and actress for 8 years. Beyond that, I'm very passionate about fashion and helping people through my art.

I think it's so important to use my platform to make people realize they're not alone and that we all have to do our part in making this world a more peaceful and accepting place. 

For any TikTok newbies, what is it that attracted you to the platform and what is it that you love most about it?

What attracted me most about the platform was the diversity of the content and people that post and watch. This is also what i love most about it. I think TikTok can be such a fun app to explore your creative limits, laugh, come together as a community, and embrace one another. There really is no boundaries on what you can do on Tik Tok!

What has been your favourite dance or trend recently?

My favorite dance trend has been the Savage Remix or Back It Up! Both of those trends were so much fun to learn. What I love most about them is the extremely high energy those dances both have! 

TikTok is famous for sending sounds / songs viral on there, which 5 tracks do you recommend we add to our playlist?

That is definitely a tough one to chose only five because I love so many of the songs made famous off of TikTok. If I had to chose, I would say...

La La La,


Roses (imanbek remix),

Like That,

and Savage

There's a real community feel within the app, which other creators should we check out and why? 

If I had the opportunity to collaborate with any 3 creators I would want to collaborate with Kristen Hancher, Zach King, and Abby Rartistry! I'd want to collaborate with these people because I myself am very inspired by their content. They create content that's uplifting, breaks creative boundaries, and amazes every viewer. I have so much respect for their dedication and effort put into their content. 

What can we expect to see from you in the future? 

In the near future I hope to start a career in film and TV as an actress. Along with this, I hope to collaborate with clothing brands to create my own designs to put out to my followers! 

Finally, which is your favourite TikTok you've created so far and why? (include direct link to the video)

My favorite TikTok is one that i made from the perspective of how society views a woman and the impossible beauty standards. This is my favorite TikTok i've made because of the powerful response it received. I got thousands of messages saying that I had helped woman around the world feel empowered to break beauty standards. My art and videos are always most fulfilling when I know I've made a positive impact on the world. No matter how big or small that impact may be. 

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