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EP Focus | Harrison Storm

Australian singer-songwriter Harrison Storm has shared ‘With You’ the latest single from his new EP ‘Be Slow’, out on now via Nettwerk Records.


Photo Credit: Ella Crotty.

Written and recorded in the UK & Australia, the EP is a 5-track offering of encouragement and clarity in love-loss told through tender, introspective lyricism paired with expansive, inspiring, and beautifully composed soundscapes. The EP includes title track ‘Be Slow’, as well as previously released singles: the intoxicating ‘You & I’ - a haunting narrative of long-suffering love - the indie-pop anthem ‘Breathe Again'.


We had a chat with Harrison to find out more...

Introduce yourself and tell us a little about you! "My name is Harrison Storm and I’m a singer/songwriter from a coastal area of the Mornington Peninsula, a beautiful place I call home, that is an hour south of Melbourne, Australia. I grew up in a house where my mother would play acoustic guitar as a hobby and my Dad would write poetry. This slowly influenced my direction in life and I decided to drop out of university in my early 20’s to become a street performer in Melbourne and to focus on music. I’ve been playing and writing songs ever since!" You’ve just released your new EP ‘Be Slow’! Can you tell us a little about it! "It’s a collection of songs taken from key moments of my life over the past few years. Its a culmination of what happens when you take a step back from the rush of life and really take a look at what’s going on and what you can do to change it for the better. Obviously there can be a lot of pain and learning in that slowing down and the lessons I’ve learned have been turned into the songs that live on this EP."

What was the writing & recording process like? "I wrote and recorded the tracks of the EP between here at home and over in the UK as well. A majority of the songs were recorded in the UK with friends of mine Edd Holloway and Nick Atkinson in their converted studio barn. The final song to be recorded, the opening track With You, was recorded during lockdown here in melbourne between my own home and my good friend Hayden Calnin’s studio! Luckily i live with my drummer and bassist so we were able to spend a solid amount of time getting things to sound the way we wanted, whilst learning on the go! It was definitely a rewarding process."

Are there any key themes, stories or inspirations that run throughout the EP? "My songs are quite introspective and personal and usually revolve around relationships I’m in or the relationship that I have with myself and where I see myself in the world. There’s a lot of self discovery when I write and that comes out in the song and in this EP in particular. The main theme I guess that popped up in this batch of songs was of loss in a relationship and understanding what it means to love someone in a way where both people’s needs are met. A tough thing to balance at times."

Do you have a favourite lyric or whole track from the EP, if so, which one and why? "Probably the chorus of ‘With You’ which is ‘With You, the world feels more alive’ . It was the last song written on the EP and signifies a huge change in the way I interact with the world and relationships. I finally felt like I took on a whole new meaning to love and what it can look like in a healthy way." How have you found trying to be creative in 2020 which has been especially difficult for artists? "It’s been really split down the middle for a lot of my artist friends. Some have absolutely thrived and created so many new things, while others have found it really hard to be with themselves for such a long time. I sit in the middle of those two groups I think. Some weeks I’m really inspired and create a lot and other weeks I really struggle to put pen to paper. But all in all its been a big learning curve for all artists everywhere I imagine."

What do you have in store for 2021? "I’m doing a string of Australian shows in April and releasing new music. Hopefully things open up and I can get back to touring overseas, I really miss the adventure of travelling (like everyone else). But everything is still very much up in the air at the moment! Crossing fingers."

'Be Slow' is out now.


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