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EP Focus | Kean Farrar

Berlin R&B newcomer Kean Farrar has just released his debut EP, ‘Suite Bittersweet’.


Kean Farrar is a rising Persian-American artist raised in Berlin. Inspired by artists like The Weeknd, Pharrell, Burial, Elliot Smith, Maxwell, and James Taylor, Kean began playing music from a young age (piano, violin and guitar) and as a teenager began uploading his demos to Soundcloud, which quickly began picking up traction. Fast forward to 2018 and Kean released his first official single, Heartthrob which turned the topic of alienated intimacy into a singalong R&B jam and has since gained nearly 1 million plays on Spotify. His unique approach to alternative R&B has placed him into countless playlists and helped him gain over 40K monthly listeners on Spotify.

Describing his music as ‘melancholic R&B’ Kean’s song writing reflects his upbringing in Berlin, a city characterized by hedonistic nightlife and historical isolation.


We had the chance to chat on the release and more...

Introduce yourself and tell us a bit about you! “Hey, thanks for having me. My name is Kean Farrar and I am a 22-year-old artist from Berlin.”

When did you start making music?

“I think I have always been making music, but I began becoming more serious about it around the age of 16 when I uploaded songs on Soundcloud and shared them with friends.”

Where are you from and what’s your favourite thing about it? Do you feel as though your surroundings have inspired your sound in any way?

“I was born and raised in Berlin. The city’s melancholic atmosphere has definitely shaped my sound. The nightlife and my experiences here have inspired the various themes throughout my lyrics.”

How would you sum up your sound in the form of a hashtag?


Who are your biggest inspirations, musically?

“I have been inspired by many… but I guess right now I am inspired by Maxwell, Pharrell, and early Weeknd tracks.”

Who would be your dream artist to collaborate with?


What would be your dream venue to play?

“Madison Square Garden.”

You’ve just released your new EP ‘Suite Bittersweet’! How have you found making music over the past year which has been especially difficult for artists and creatives?

“Usually music will come to me after I go out and experience something new. Not being able to go out has forced me to reflect more, somewhat changing my writing process. At first it was difficult, but I now feel like I have more sophisticated approach to creating music.”

Tell us a little about it!

“I created all four songs with my producer and good friend RIP Swirl. I wrote ‘Get Enough’ and ‘City Life‘on the spot while we were producing the tracks in the studio. ‘Other Love’ and ‘Plz Don’t Go’ I wrote beforehand while playing the guitar at home. I play the guitar on those records. I feel like each song on the EP has its own complete vibe, but they all share a certain attitude.”

Do you have a favourite lyric in particular from the release?

“I’m not him and he’s not me,

but between these sheets I’ll be,

Who you want me to be,

and that’s alright.”

“Taken from ‘Plz Don’t Go’.”

What have you got planned for the rest of 2021?

“A lot of experiencing, writing, and hopefully getting back on stage!”

‘Suite Bittersweet’ is out now. Listen HERE


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