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EP Focus | TYNE

Working tirelessly to continue to build on her carefully crafted chill-pop sound, independent artist TYNE has just released her second EP 'This Is My Second'.


TYNE's role in the creation of the EP goes beyond the songwriting and singing - from the artwork to the music videos, herself and her group of creative friends are responsible for it all!


We spoke to TYNE to delve deeper into the creation of the EP, inspirations and what is coming next.

Introduce yourself and tell us a bit about you! "Howdy Lowdown Party People ! I’m TYNE, I’m a singer/songwriter/artist-kinda thing. I’m originally from Cambridgeshire but moved to London mid-lockdown. I work part time at Brewdog and the rest of the time I’m writing songs, making clothes and generally just wondering around aimlessly!" You’ve just released your new EP ‘This Is My Second’! How has the reaction been so far?

"I’m super happy about how the EP has gone down. I’m mostly just touched, as always, at how specific people have related to the lyrics and the meaning behind the songs. I really try to be as honest and as true to my emotions as I can when I’m writing. This always seems to pull at people’s heart strings, especially with these songs I’ve found." How did you decide on the name?

"I was really struggling with finding a title for this EP. I named my last EP 111 after the number of the house I stayed at in New York when I wrote those tracks. However, with these songs, they were written all over the shop! I was chatting with my house mate on one of our daily walks and he just said well what is it? And it kind of just landed that it’s my second EP…. Simple really :)"

Tell us a little bit about it! Are there any key influences, themes or stories that run throughout? "The EP is mainly a collection of my favourite tracks of recent. I took a long pause from releasing music for various reasons. I was still writing a LOT of songs but didn’t want to show them to the world yet. I wouldn’t say there’s a particular theme, most were lockdown songs written with LOXE. Final Song is from a few years back and Insecurities I’ve never had the confidence to release as it’s about being cheated on and the ‘insecurities’ it brings along with it. I think it’s just a collection of songs, all with completely different moods, if that makes any sense at all." Do you have a favourite lyric or full track from the EP and why? "I have 2 answers for this one !

My favourite lyric is “I want to be young again, choices made by my mum again, write about something other than men”.

I think on the day I wrote this I was struggling with being an adult really. Like most people do, sometimes it all gets just a bit much and I wanted my mum to make all my decisions like back in the day when you didn’t need to take care of yourself. Also I was kind of sick of writing love songs and always focusing on boys and romance in my songs; which most of the time is fun and I love a good ballad but that day, just wasn’t the vibe !

My favourite track is definitely 'Final Song' - I wrote this in a 3am session in Brooklyn with Charles Klarsfeld. We’d never met before, he had listened to my music through a friend and wrote that piano riff. I instantly hopped on the mic and the whole song just spilled out of my mouth in an hour; it was honestly magical!" Now that the EP has been released, what’s coming next for you this year? "I’m soooo stoked to get back into the swing of regular recording sessions, meeting new artists, writers, producers and creating some golden music. I have a tonne of songs I’d love to release so definitely don’t expect me to go quiet after this one, this EP has reminded me how amazing it is to get through to people with music and release and enjoy the process. I OF COURSE(!!!!!) am planning a headline show, merchandise and so so many more tunes and also just enjoying the world opening back up and exploring my new home town <3"

'This Is My Second' is out now. Listen HERE @tynemusic


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