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Eric Brandon | Good Friends

Canadian singer / songwriter Eric Brandon has released his gem of a track entitled 'Good Friends'.


'Good Friends' is one of those special, feel-good and passionate tracks that comes around every so often. It's focused and fresh, accompanied by Eric's outstanding vocal which has a great country sounding twinge to it - a mix of pop, indie and rock done just perfectly. This is a song that you'll want to listen to over and over again, either to cheer you up, or reminisce of times pre pandemic.

Eric comments on the track,

"Good Friends is an anthem to celebrate those people in our lives; remembering the good memories and looking forward to more to come!"

Easily comparable to artists such as Dermot Kennedy and Sam Hunt, Eric grew up in Hamilton, Ontario and took to writing at a young age. His father was an avid reader sand Eric wrote stories for him to read, before inheriting a guitar from a family friend. These stories then took on a new life through the medium of music and lyrics.


Listen to 'Good Friends' HERE

Instagram: @ericbrandonmusic

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