Essy | Cry For Me

Nashville-based producer and singer / songwriter Essy has just released her sophomore EP and music video for track 'Cry For Me'.

Soaked in an 80's retro nuance, 'Cry For Me' is a gorgeous, pop cut full of glistening synths and indulgent melodies. With its uptempo and intoxicating production effortlessly combines elements of electronics, indie-pop and even a hint of jazz, the track features a hard-hitting chorus, captivating drum beats and Essy's dreamy vocals to create a synth-pop banger that bursts into dramatic life with a feel-good and refreshing energy.

Taking a slight departure from her usual lighthearted cuts, her new record details the end of a relationship, highlighting themes of confidence, inner-strength, sexuality and self-discovery. She co-wrote and produced the album alongside writers such as JohnLuke Lewis, using more live instrumentation and grittier analog synth sounds to give a more down-to-earth,