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Essy | Cry For Me

Nashville-based producer and singer / songwriter Essy has just released her sophomore EP and music video for track 'Cry For Me'.


Soaked in an 80's retro nuance, 'Cry For Me' is a gorgeous, pop cut full of glistening synths and indulgent melodies. With its uptempo and intoxicating production effortlessly combines elements of electronics, indie-pop and even a hint of jazz, the track features a hard-hitting chorus, captivating drum beats and Essy's dreamy vocals to create a synth-pop banger that bursts into dramatic life with a feel-good and refreshing energy.

Taking a slight departure from her usual lighthearted cuts, her new record details the end of a relationship, highlighting themes of confidence, inner-strength, sexuality and self-discovery. She co-wrote and produced the album alongside writers such as JohnLuke Lewis, using more live instrumentation and grittier analog synth sounds to give a more down-to-earth, moody feel.

About the record, Essy says:

"This album is about revival. During isolation, I spent nights by my childhood piano reconnecting the dots to my own story and picking up pieces of myself I let fall behind. It was both grounding and terrifying, and induced a six-piece sonic journey that twists and turns through states of awakeness, anger, nostalgia, and sadness. All of these songs are emotional states I experienced that led to me to discover a better version of myself. I am immensely proud of this album. It's a piece of work that has both challenged me and allowed me to grow as a writer and producer."

Essy cut her teeth in both the Berklee College of Music and New York University Steinhardt School’s early songwriting programs, learning from and writing alongside industry veterans Barry Eastmond and Maia Sharpe, as well as pop songwriter Michael Pollack. She got her start as an EDM toplining vocalist after catching the atention of Atlantic Records' electronic duo Ship Wrek, and her first cut with NCS Records' Star Party soon followed. An early graduation prompted a move to Nashville to begin songwriting and producing full-time, alongside some of pop's most promising penners including JohnLuke Lewis and Mike Pappas.

Growing interest in her tracks and collaborations encouraged her to start her own musical project and she began releasing her solo material in 2019, quickly racking up over 6 million streams and 75k monthly listeners on Spotify alone.

'Cry For Me' is out now.

Listen HERE


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