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Singer-songwriter Etaoin has teamed up with fellow rising musician and Amazon 'One To Watch' Tadhg Daly on dramatic new duet, ‘Not Over You' via MADE Records.


The two immensely powerful vocalists complement each other’s performance perfectly, feeling more like a conversation that builds up to a climactic finale reminiscent of being suddenly ghosted by someone you were close with.

Opening the track with Tadhg’s soothing, muted voice, Etaoin joins in with a restrained tone, before they’re both able to explode at the chorus. Completed by a Dustin Dooley produced backing that focuses the attention on the timbre and power of the sky-high vocals, the duet sees both artists represent each side of a relationship that has fallen apart as their vocals swirl around each other.

Tadhg says,

"It's about two people that have drifted away from one another, without ever being able to stop loving each other. I think there is a really honest and delicate energy in the track and I'm so proud of what we came up with."

Etaoin adds:

"It’s about the different perspectives that come with break ups. Saying you shouldn’t talk but still getting a rush when they call you and picking up regardless. Getting yourself in sticky situationships for no other reason than you’re a blind optimist. It’s about words left unsaid and how sometimes the hardest breakups are the ones where there’s still a huge amount of love there, it just wasn’t strong enough to keep you together."

With ‘Not Over You’ being the first duet for either artist, the song was created on day one of the pair’s meeting, discussing all manner of deep topics like relationships, men, women, and putting their feelings into a song by the end of the night. A musical match made in heaven, Tadhg was inspired to reach out to Etaoin when he fell in love with her musical sound.

With Etaoin’s songwriting coming from her own personal experiences, the London based singer-songwriter released her last EP in the pandemic, with her second due later this year. She mixes classic acoustic folk with modern pop influences. Joining forces with Tadhg Daly, who grew up surrounded by 90s rock and his efforts learning guitar, the two combine their influences from powerful singers like Tracy Chapman and Dido to classic bands like Nirvana.

'Not Over You' is out now.

Listen HERE


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