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Evan Blum | insecure.

LA singer, songwriter, producer and now music video director Evan Blum battles against himself in meta music video for single 'insecure.'

The track comes hot on the heels of his duet with Lucy Clearwater, amongst others. In this release, we see Evan coming into his own as a writer, director, and true auteur. Lyrically, the track speaks of the desire to break free from insecurity - whilst the lyrics explore deeper topics, the production takes a more bubbly electro-pop and uplifting approach. The music video employs character development, surprising special effects, and some truly colorful language.

Opening up to Evan excitedly working on music, he's suddenly interrupted - by a three dimensional evil twin (his insecurity). Evil-Blum ridicules him and attempts to pursue him away from releasing new music. These moments of dialogue are like something out of a Judd Apatow film - witty personal insults with an element of humanity. In an effort to avoid his insecurities from returning, we find Blum using various coping mechanisms - from the mundane to the extreme. He’s once again interrupted, but this time it’s not his evil twin, but rather a FaceTime from a friend with words of encouragement.

Things start to get very meta when we see Blum enter what appears to be a set for the filming of his video.The shoot wraps and we’re back with Blum in his studio. If things weren’t meta enough, now we see him edit the footage of the music video that we are watching simultaneously. The climax comes when Evil-Blum shows up once again, but this time he takes a bold stand against his insecurity and encourages his viewers to be yourself.

We all have some level of insecurity and we deal with it in various ways. With his music video for 'insecure.', Evan Blum gives us an opportunity to laugh at ourselves and not let self-doubt get the better of us.

'insecure.' is out now. Listen HERE


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