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Evan Blum x Alyce Weber | Into The Dark

LA-based artist and producer Evan Blum and singer-songwriter Alyce Weber take a neon-fueled drive 'Into The Dark' on their new single via Trailing Twelve Records.

On “Into The Dark,” Evan Blum and Alyce Weber take us out of our comfort zone to embrace the excitement of entering the unknown. Sometimes the most memorable moments are the ones when we throw caution to the wind and give in to life as it’s happening.

For Evan, the song comes hot on the heels of his indie-folk duet 'Good In You' with Lucy Clearwater, along with a steady stream of previous single releases which prove the versatility of the artist. On 'Into The Dark' the pair lyrically explore the impulses and desires we suppress to protect our own emotions, whilst expressing the vulnerability of lust and the eagerness to overlook red flags when passions are high.

The track is an exhilarating rollercoaster ride into the unknown - of excitement, intensity, anticipation and nostalgia. It boasts a mastery of modern electro-pop and indie instrumentation. The vocals weave around each other with Evan's soft and pure delivery juxtaposing Alice's strong and powerful tone. The production is effortlessly good - a combination of floating synths and steady drum beats which compliment each other perfectly.

Alyce says on the track,

"To me, 'Into The Dark' is sort of a fantasy. In real life, when I know a person or a relationship is ultimately toxic to me, I don't let myself act on my feelings. So this song is sort of an escape into a scenario where you allow yourself to say yes to that person you should probably say no to, and to feel the rush you would get in the moment without any of the consequences that would inevitably follow."

'Into The Dark' is out now. Listen HERE


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