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Evan Isaac | Dark Room

Evan Isaac has released his new album 'Dogwood Dignitaries Listen to the Baby', featuring single 'Dark Room'.


'Dark Room' is a percussion soaked track which combines elements of electronic and pure indie pop greatness. It's super layered, playfully textured and super indulgent, vocally pleasing and lyrically on point, with anthemic hooks and captivating melodies.

On the album, Evan says,

“The first batch of these songs were written at a very turbulent time in my life, I was being forced from within and without to make some difficult decisions about my future as a musician and artist. When we get to a certain point in our lives we sometimes have to assess how, where, and with whom we spend our time. There was a period of intense creativity after that and fleshing out these songs was almost surreal. Things were flowing out with fluidity and sincerity. Afterwards, I took some time to get more in touch with my personal connection with music. I tried to reform the connection with my love for singing and dancing. In the subsequent months I wrote and recorded songs on my own, always keeping my heart on that ecstatic feeling. The whole process from start to finish was done with friends which is something that makes my heart smile.”

Drawing from the moment when creating music, time and energy flow bountifully towards the horizon leaving you feeling nostalgic and excited. The music exists somewhere at the intersection of power pop, psychedelic rock, hip hop and musical theatre. Evan's inspirations include artists such as Donna Hathaway, Carole King, OutKast, Keane and of Montreal.

After being in bands over much of the last ten years, Evan has taken the leap into being a solo artist and has found the process both healing and transformative. In digging through the weeds of life he has discovered his voice in a way that feels fresh, vibrant and true.

'Dogwood Dignitaries Listen to the Baby',

Listen HERE


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