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Eves Karydas | Get Me So High

Eves Karydas has released her track 'Get Me So High' via Island Records. The track tells the story of being hooked on a relationship despite the turmoil it may bring.


Everything seems to be falling right into place for the next big pop icon, with a cocktail of next wave pop, an independent yet relatable attitude and a striking visual aesthetic. 'Get Me So High' sees Eves team up with an all female writing team and features her full-throttled vocal explode into life fuelled by heavy duty, funk-powered bass, furthering her patented brand of future pop invention. With playful lyrics that possess an insight into her own experiences, the track feels universally accessible.

Speaking of the track, Eves shares,

Someone once said to me “being in love is like being given drugs for free”. At the time I was experiencing a real lack of security in the relationship I was in. I was in a place where my happiness was so heavily reliant on a guy giving me attention. The annoying part of it all was that no matter how many lows there were, I was addicted to the highs. It clouded my vision and I made poor decisions. I think I needed to write this song to hold myself accountable in a way. I like to joke that this song is what you get when three girls in their twenties sit in a room together talking about their disastrous love lives.”

Eves returned in 2020, after taking a two year break, with single 'Complicated', inspired by her grandfather and Greek heritage. It went on to be the #1 Most Played track on triple j and has tracked well over 3.5 million streams across DSPs. The mammoth single peaked at #5 on the Shazam Chart and #17 on the National Radio Chart, scored placement in BBC Radio 1’s Best New Pop playlist and featured in hit US TV show The Bold Type.

Loaded with attitude, firmly rooted in reality but always with an edge, Eves’ songs are inspired by her life and what she sees around her. Her melody-heavy strain of intelligent pop showcases an unabashed young woman with an innate ability to craft instantly relatable sonic snapshots.

'Get Me So High' is out now.


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