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Eyelar | Doin' It Again

Dutch-born singer/songwriter Eyelar has returned with the release of her single 'Doin' It Again', following summer hit 'Say It With Your Eyes'.


The electro-pop banger features a dreamy soundscape and Eyelar's stand out vocal. The track showcases her writing ability, fuelled with relatable and honest lyricism, built on a heart rendering pop hook. It's emotional and shows a more vulnerable side, whilst still captivating listeners with it's bouncy and bright melodies.

Speaking about the track, Eyelar explains:

"Have you ever been really good friends with someone and thinking there’s more? Unspoken feelings, looking at each other ten seconds after the conversation is over, thinking it might all be in your head and then they tell you you’re cute. ‘Doin’ It Again’ is about being in love with your friend.

Originating from The Netherlands, Eyelar comes as a well-established songwriter whose catalogue boasts the likes of Charli XCX and Bastille, as well as writing credits on the emotional comeback song 'Anyone' for Demi Lovato, which she performed at the Grammy Awards.

Now based in London, Eyelar has spent the first few years sharpening her pen and collaborating with pop and alternative artists.

'Doin' It Again' is out now.

Listen HERE


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