Eyelar | Say It With Your Eyes

Dutch-born singer/songwriter Eyelar releases her new single and lyric video ‘Say It with Your Eyes’.

Unlike her previous single & Couple Hours; that treasures a slower acoustic approach, ‘Say It with Your Eyes’ builds on from the grungy electro-pop style that she has given us thus far. It embraces the energy of a classic, feel good summer pop banger and is filled with poignant & momentous lyrics, that demand answers and deeper emotional connection. What a beautiful vocal and a really cleverly composed track. I don't know how we've all not heard this talent before now. Truly polished pop perfection. The track is co-written by David Steward and Jessica Agombar.

Eyelar says:

“Looking in someones eyes is one of the most intimate ways to connect to someone. For me it can be more intimate than a touch, or a kiss, because when you look in someones eyes, you're looking at the truth. It's a truth that says more than words. When I say 'say it with your eyes' it's because I want you to tell me you love me, not with your words, but with your eyes. Make me believe it.”