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Singer / songwriter FAANGS has released her single 'HUH' which is the first to be released from her upcoming debut project 'TEETH OUT'.


Introducing listeners to her quirky spin on commercial pop. With funky production, unique melodies and dark-pop vocals, 'HUH' is a modern and alluring track which oozes a coolness and well and truly invites us to the wonderful world of FAANGS as an artist. It's bold, fresh and expressive with refined vocals and edgy lyrics.

When speaking about her new single, she says,

"The FAANGS vibe is so big, so much to swallow at one time, that I needed something that kicked in the door. That song is just me genuinely out here, trying to be myself. It’s a light on how the world is about to be in for a lot of personality.”

The Y2K inspired video sees FAANGS unleashed to the camera for the first time.

Born Charlie Storwick in Calgary, Alberta, FAANGS dream of singing professionally became reality at aged just 12. This turned into hard life lessons learned throughout her teen years that also included a few years in the brutal acting circuit. When she looks back on her teenage years, she concentrates on the lessons learned from working 18 hours a day, 6 days a week.

The road to 'TEETH OUT' has been long, but the journey has been rewarding and she continues to put in long hours perfecting her writing, preparing her first project and even finding time to lend a co-writing hand on Ashnikko’s 'Cry' featuring Grimes, and an appear along-side Felix Jaehn and Gashi on 'SICKO'.

'HUH' is out now.


Listen to the track HERE @faangsmusic


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