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Fabich x Will Simms | No Way

As fans of Gipsy Kinds, Fabich and Will Simms have decided to take the melody of 'Bamboleo' to turn it into a fresh and infectious pop tune, 'No Way'.


'No Way' is a feel-good and full of energy track with sweet melodies and dance-along beats. It's a luscious pop track with a funky electronic beat, oozing with major summer vibes. Blissful and polished, it's a compelling track with an easily recognisable tune, taken and made into a contemporary and modern ready-made chart smash.

Call Me Loop sings about being sure of her choices and taking pride in them. Anyone can get inspired by these light-hearted manners and point of view.

"All it took to deliver this banger was 1 girl, 2 guys, a sheep and the Gipsy Kings in a studio in Shoreditch - although the Gipsy Kings couldn’t actually make it that day as they had no idea we even existed!"

Fabich is a music addict that achieves US charts success as a producer for platinum-selling R&B and soul singer- songwriter Lyfe Jennings and Missy Elliot collaborator’s Trina. Will Simms is a top, multi-award winning producer, songwriter and artist, producing and co-writing for artists such as The Pussycat Dolls, HRVY, The Vamps and Saweetie to name a few.

'No Way' is out now.


Listen to the track HERE @fabichmusic | @willsimmsmusic


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