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Fake Shark | L-ectric Touch

Fake Shark released the official video for 'L-ectric Touch', which is the focus track of the band's new album 'House of Mirrors'.


This upbeat electro-pop dream is super catchy and endlessly playable with great vocals and funky instrumentation. The quirky, artsy video is the perfect accompaniment for this groovy little number which is a true delight to the eyes and ears.

The newest release from Fake Shark brings together fan favourite tracks including 'Bad Chemistry' and 'Invincible' and never before heard tracks. 'House of Mirrors' is a rollercoaster of emotion connected by the introspective journey of the record's penetrating lyricism.

The band found international acclaim with their hit single 'Cheap Thrills' which was the theme behind an Apple Watch ad and features in many TV series.


Listen to 'House of Mirrors' HERE Instagram: @fakeshark

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