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Fanny Andersen | Complicated

Norwegian electro-pop artist Fanny Andersen has released her single 'Complicated' via Distiller Records.


Full to the brim with electro-pop beats, catchy lyrics and bright production, 'Complicated' and it's accompanying neon-soaked visual has major 90's vibes yet with a modern, commercial twist. It's a bold pop track with a big sound, featuring unique and quirky melodies, raw vocals and honest lyrics.

She says on the track,

“I was inspired to write about the complexities of love and life. This song is about falling for someone who’s really not right for you, and how this can make life feel very complex along with everything else that life throws your way”

After blasting back into the music scene with alt pop favourite 'Wake Up', Fanny continues to deliver her signature form of honest and clever lyricism on this new offering. With a fresh outlook and a new horizon with a brand new team behind her, she is well placed to continue her journey.

She is currently in the studio working with a new line of collaborators including Olly Burden, Steve Weston and Jamie Reynolds.


Listen to 'Complicated' HERE Instagram: @fanny_andersen


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