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Fast Friends | Everybody Will Be Forgotten

Fast Friends have shared the focus track 'Everybody Will Be Forgotten' to their

new EP 'HI T LO IQ'.


'Everybody Will Be Forgotten' is a pop rock, indie banger. It's loud, melodic and super engergetic -definitely a track that would go down an absolute treat at a festival with the crowd screaming the lyrics back. The guitar solo is great - one to turn up loud and jam too. Fast Friends are a true indie delight.

Fast Friends is a band that started hanging out in 2015, has been putting out music whenever they feel like it since early 2017, and are now very honored and shocked that Dine Alone Records wants to put out their jams. One of the only things they have gotten good at in life is figuring out how to make loud, catchy music that makes people feel uncomfortable.

Fast Friends’ new EP captures the feeling of watching the 2016 Clinton/Trump debates on 24-hour loop A Clockwork Orange style with your eyelids pronged open – but in 2047 so you’ve got way too much perspective on it.


Listen to 'Everybody Will Be Forgotten' HERE Instagram: @fastfriendsmusic


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