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Interview | Ant Saunders

Ant Saunders has today released his debut EP 'Bubble', a full DIY effort written, recorded and produced himself, including viral hit 'Yellow Hearts' and new single 'Miscommunications' whcih he has also self shot a video for. He will also be supporting multi-platinum artist Camila Cabello on the North American leg of The Romance Tour this Autumn.


We got the chance to speak to Ant about what he's up to at the minute, his massive success with 'Yellow Hearts' and more...

You’ve just released your brand new single ‘Pedestrian’. What was the inspiration behind the track? 

"Going into Pedestrian, I wanted to cover how I felt in this new situation that I’m in. I’m at the point in my career where I’m being recognized by people I don’t know, and it’s just such a crazy feeling. I just hope I don’t change negatively throughout all of this, as many people do, so I just want to stay true to myself."

Your song ‘Yellow Hearts’ is certified gold in the US and has hit an unbelievable 315 million streams. How did you react to that news? 

"It all still feels so unreal to me. Growing up, I posted a countless amount of covers on YouTube and original songs on SoundCloud and would see nothing more than a few thousand plays if I was lucky. Now I have to figure out where to put my gold plaque when it comes in and that’s the best problem I’ve ever had in my life."

What can we expect from your debut EP?

"You’ll be able to see more of who I am as a person—my vulnerable side, my fun side and even some vocal gymnastics here and there. You’ll see an awkward young adult who has many flaws, has trouble finding love, but in the end he just wants to stay true to himself."

What was the recording process behind the EP? 

"I usually let the ideas flow to my head naturally, and sometimes that takes a while so a lot of the recording was done with breaks over long periods of time to get the ideas flowing again. Because of this, I work on multiple songs at a time."

You’ve just been announced as a support artist for Camila Cabello on her North American Tour. What’s your favourite thing about playing live and where is your favourite city to play? 

"Playing live is definitely not something I have a lot of experience with. The biggest show I’ve played was at the Voltage Lounge in Philadelphia with Audrey Mika and that was only for one song. Besides that, I only have played talent shows at school and small open mic nights."

What else we expect from you - for the rest of this year and into early 2021? 

"Hopefully I’ll have an album out before the end of 2020. Besides that, I’ll be doing plenty of shows and content, and above all, I’ll just be helping myself to progress as an artist."


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