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One of the country’s most exciting new talents, George O’Hanlon is back in 2022 with his stunning new single ‘How Are You Feeling?'. The first single from George to feature his full touring band on record, the track find shim channeling his rockier influences to such as Radiohead, Springsteen, Nirvana and Slowdive. The track features some frenetic guitar work and an anthemic chorus destined to be shouted back at him by crowds around the current.

We had the opportunity to speak with George on the release and more...


Introduce yourself and tell us a bit about you!"

"I’m George O’Hanlon, I’m 21, I write and perform my own music."

When did you start making music?

"I started singing from when I was very little and I got a classical guitar for my birthday one year I didn’t really think much of it I was just messing around with it. I think I must’ve been 15/16 when I first tried to write a song."

Where are you from and what’s your favourite thing about it? Do you feel your surroundings have inspired your sound?

"I live in Dorking, nice place for walks. A lot of the inspiration comes from frustrations of everyday life and things that I observe they’ve played a part in that sense. I’ve been here longer but anywhere I am could inspire a song and I definitely prefer being on the move."

Who are the biggest inspirations musically?

"Radiohead and Nirvana are the main influences at the moment."

Who would be your dream artist to collaborate with?

"Phoebe Bridgers."

What would be your dream venue to play?

"I’ve always wanted to play the Roundhouse in Camden."

You released your brand new track ‘How Are You Feeling?’, an anthemic guitar driven track which is definitely made for a live setting! Tell us a little about it!

"‘How Are You Feeling?’ is a step away from my first EP. I went away to record with my band for two weeks and spend a lot of that time focusing on the live performance aspect and what direction I wanted to take things in. I wanted to perform a song like ‘How Are You Feeling?’ at a gig so I wrote a song like that. So you’re right it’s definitely made to be heard live!"

What inspired the lyrics?

"The song was written in July last year we’d played a couple gigs back after lockdown. I was inspired by getting out and seeing people and different places. I was also very aware of how many people I could see trying to hold a brave face up to the nervousness of reappearing into the world and that played a part into it and I definitely felt those things as well."

What was the recording process like?

"We were away at Chapel Studios everything was set up and I started playing the main guitar part this was the only bit of the song I’d had prior to that day and then everything fell into place and it was written in a couple hours".

Are there any chances to see you live soon?

"I really hope so!"

What have you got in store for 2022?

"Festivals, more touring and more music to put out!"

'How Are You Feeling?' is out now.


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