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Get To Know | FancyNormal

Melbourne based duo FancyNormal have just released their sophomore single 'Sober Spaceman', taken from their upcoming debut EP, due January 2021.


After an incredible response to their debut single in November, their second release is set to be just as big. Written and recorded during lockdown, 'Sober Spaceman' is about constantly living in fear, never stepping in and a reflection of how music we miss out by not having the courage to jump into the unknown.

The pair hope the track comes as an inspiration to others who struggle with anxiety about the present and the future.


We had a chat with Noni as part of our Get To Know series...

Introduce yourselves and tell us a fun fact about you guys!

"We are Jules & Noni, we are a raccoon loving SynthPop duo here to make some fun tunes to make your 2020/2021 slightly better. Jules does most of the production and I write & sing vocals."

Where are you from and what’s your favourite thing about it?

"Originally we are from Perth, Western Australia & my favourite thing about it although it’s cliché is the beaches. We now live in Melbourne and have absolutely fallen in love – it’s a city of big dreamers and creativity."

How did you meet each other?

"We met playing in a band when we were 19 & 20 and I asked Jules what the difference between a bass & guitar was and he laughed at me."

Is there a story behind the name?

"Well we got 2 bowls filled with paper, one filled with adjectives and one with nouns. We would pick out one paper from each and ‘FancyNormal’ was the one we liked the most.There were some other close ones like ‘Sweaty Hour’ and ‘Allergic to Clams’ but FancyNormal was the one we liked the most, although I was a fan of Sweaty Hour."

When did you start making music, separately and as a duo?

"Separately I haven’t really made music before. Jules has made music since he was 17. We first started making music together as a duo during this year’s lockdown."

How would you describe your sound in the form of a hashtag?


Who would be your dream collab?

"Definitely GENES from Townsville would be very cool. Also SayGrace and would absolutely love to collab with Ralph."

Musically, who do you draw your inspiration from?

"Carly Rae Jepsen, Ralph, Evelyn. We listen to a lot of different genres."

You’ve just released your new song ‘Sober Spaceman’. Tell us a bit about it!

"Sober Spaceman was a really interesting track to write, when I first heard the track in production stage I fell in love immediately – it had such an amazing sound that made my heart have butterflies and I knew that I wanted to write something deep to it. It’s essentially an existential reflection on a life that’s not lived because you’re scared of taking risks and making the wrong decision. So you end up staying safe and never embracing life for what it is – like try to cushion your soul from pain."

Do you have a favourite lyric from the track?

"“Living on the peripheries of my days” – probably the thing that really describes how I felt for a long time whenever I was always on the cautious side of things and when I never made a decision because I was scared I was making the wrong one; instead just letting life make its decisions for me."

Your EP is due in January - what can we expect from that?

"You can expect a bit more of a fun summer anthem in there – imagine yourself driving down a really open road down to a beach and seeing some friends just blasting the EP - it’s a real holiday soundtrack."

Finally, what else have you got planned for 2021?

"We’re working on our next project which will sound a little different to the stuff we’ve done so far, and also working towards a belated EP launch / live show."

'Sober Spaceman' is out now.


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