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Feature | Goodboys

Grammy-nominated duo Goodboys have joined forces to release the video for their new single ‘Bongo Cha Cha Cha’.


The official video release follows the single gaining over 3.5 million streams to date and making multiple top 10 placements on the Spotify Viral Charts. The retro video details an infectious dance choreography and is complete with huge moving visuals throughout.

Goodboys catapulted to fame with their 2019 debut feature ‘Piece Of Your Heart’, written with Meduza, which has amassed 3.4 billion streams worldwide, charted at #2 in the UK and received a Grammy nomination for ‘Best Dance Recording’ as well as gold, diamond and multi platinum sales globally. Their follow up ‘Lose Control’ was met with similar fanfare, achieving platinum and gold sales worldwide alongside 2 billion streams. They then linked up with fellow global star Imanbek on the 2020 single ‘Goodbye’, heavily supported across national radio and placing on the official charts, as they continue to cement their status as breakout international dance music stars.


We had a chance to speak with Goodboys on the release and more...

Hey guys! How are you feeling as the time when you can hopefully get back on stage is approaching?

"Well, we were excited but sceptical as it’s all been very uncertain up until now. Then Boris confirmed the suspicions and dragged it out another 4 weeks. But we’ve not lost faith! We have some shows booked in from July onwards so hopefully then."

What did you get up to during the recent lockdown? Do you feel you had a lot of time to be creative or are you just bursting to get back to playing shows?

"To be honest for most of our time in music we have been more writers and producers than DJs. The first 2 years of touring was super exciting, but we tried to take the time as a break and to push back into our first love, which was always being in the studio creating."

You’ve just released your brand-new single ‘Bongo Cha Cha Cha’, which is a modern rework on the 60s schlager track of the same name. How has the reaction been so far?

"Pretty overwhelming! Everyone seems to love it (as well as kids amazingly). Which always comes as a shock because we made the song one day as a bit of a joke when we heard it on TikTok. So yeah, it’s a bit weird to hear it on radio haha."

The original track became a viral hit on TikTok. What was it about the song that made you want to remix it?

"Honestly the catchiness of the original song is undeniable which is what led us to make a version. The brass and vocal at the beginning of the song make it instantly recognisable."

You guys became a household name on the dance scene with your debut feature on ‘Piece Of Your Heart’ with Meduza as well as follow up track ‘Lose Control’ which have both gone on to amass billions of streams as well as several nominations, awards and multi-platinum sales globally. Out of everything you’ve achieved in your careers so far, is there a single moment that stands out above the rest?

"I think being nominated for a Grammy is about as prestigious as it gets in music and even getting to attend the award ceremony will be something we remember forever. Other than that, meeting people who love listening to our music is great feeling."

What can we expect from you this summer and for the rest of the year?

"More music!! We are at a place in our career where we are able to put out more music than ever. We signed a new record deal with Atlantic, so we are working on finishing the next song at the moment which we are really excited about. As well as all the usual remixes and maybe a few club songs here and there!"

'Bongo Cha Cha Cha' is out now. Listen HERE @goodboysoff


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