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Rising UK pop artist Call Me Loop has unveiled her highly anticipated first single of the year, titled 'Year Of The Ex’. The single is an unabashed pop anthem which is something most of us can relate to - running back to an ex partner, even when we know it's the wrong thing to do! The ultimate heartbreak anthem, 'Year Of The Ex' is for anyone struggling to work their way through the complexities of a relationship.

Her phenomenal ability to pen unfiltered, relatable lyrics and feature killer hooks in her songs, which also include smash hits 'Self Love' and 'Strike' - to name only a couple from her ever-growing music catalogue. Describing her style as 'sassy, emotive, electronic pop,' 2022 looks set to be an immensely exciting year for the talented artist.

Here at The Lowdown, we had the opportunity to speak with Call Me Loop about her brand new single, how she first got into music and more. Keep reading to check out what she had to say!

Words & Interview: Rachel Dempster


You have recently released your phenomenal new single, 'Year Of The Ex.' What has it been like for you to get new music released

"It's so exciting! I didn't release anything in 2021, which is the longest I've ever gone between tracks. I was desperate to get new music out there, but it was worth the wait, because now I've got a ton of songs lined up and ready to go, so you'll be hearing a lot from me this year!"

'Year Of The Ex' is almost a happy heartbreak track. Was it important for you to write an upbeat track to accompany what is otherwise quite a sensitive subject?

"It's a big pop anthemic song on the surface, but as you say, the lyrics are actually pretty sad when you listen to them. It's about being too scared to move forward in love, so always reverting back to the familiarity of past loves, even though you know they're not right for you, which I think a lot of people do, even though it can be quite damaging. I like pairing raw, vulnerable lyrics with upbeat production. I think it helps turn sensitive and relatable content into something uplifting and empowering."

How long did 'Year Of The Ex' take to come together?

"A day! I wrote it with Alex Wildwood and Sara Boe, neither of whom I'd worked with before, but who are amazingly talented and so much fun to write with! The concept came pretty quickly off the back of me filling them in on what was going on in my personal life, The first hour of my studio sessions are always like free therapy and then the songs basically write themselves. We got the whole thing done in a few hours. Then, I went back in with Alex a year later to record the final vocals!"

Do you have a favourite lyric from your new single?

"I think probably: 'This déjà vu feeling like a friend, cause I'm scared to commit, I feel safe in the wreck of their beds.' My friends would be like 'yes, that sums you up!'"

'Year Of The Ex' is something the majority of listeners can probably relate to at some stage in their lives - that feeling of running back to what we know. Was it important for you to write a song that you knew people could relate to when they listened to it?

"To be honest, when I'm writing, I'm not really thinking that far ahead. I write the songs for myself first and foremost, and then it's further down the line when I'm choosing a single, that I'm like: 'This is my favourite, because it's a bop, but also I know my fans have been through this too and they're going to love it.' I almost always write about relationships, so one way or another, I know that my lyrical content is going to connect with people, because as humans, we can always relate to love/heartbreak/deceit/loss. It's universal."

Going back to your roots, how did you first get into music?

"I've always been obsessed with pop, from the minute I heard it on the radio and saw it on the TV. As soon as I figured out I could sing, I was like: 'Oh my God, I'm going to be a popstar!' and I just never grew out of it. I was writing poems and songs from the age of about five. My parents were always buying me little microphone and karaoke toys for my birthdays and Christmas. I have no idea what I would be doing if it weren't this!"

Who would you say are your musical influences?

"The pop greats from when I was little...Christina, Britney and Destiny's Child, and amazing female vocalists and lyricists like Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen. I'm currently listening to a bit of everyone - it depends on the day/my mood!"

What has been the stand-out moment for you in your career so far?

"I've got so many for different reasons! I'll pick a couple! My song-writing highlight would be co-writing The Pussycat Dolls comeback single, 'React.' A performing highlight would be selling out my first ever headline show as a completely independent artist, or sharing the stage with Lizzo when I was one of MTV's Push Artists a couple of years back. I'm obsessed with her!"

What has 2022 got lined up for you that you can tell us about?

"My next single is out next month, which is my most vulnerable song I've ever released, so I'm equal parts terrified and SO excited for that! Then single number three soon after that, which may be one of my favourite songs I've ever written. I have some amazing summer gigs and festivals lined up, but I can't reveal those yet, so keep your eyes on my socials!"

Finally, do you have a message for everyone who has listened to 'Year Of The Ex' and who supports you?

"THANK YOU! I see you and your support honestly means the world. Please keep listening and spreading the love. I promise I've got a lot more where that came from, so stay tuned!"

'Year Of The Ex' is out now.


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