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Feature | Freddie Long

Freddie Long recently released his fantastic new single, 'Addicted To Your Love,' which is all about meeting that one special person whose love you no longer want to live without. The track's immensely energising and up-tempo pop beat, with a synth sound to accompany, sets the precedent for what can only be described as 'the perfect summer soundtrack.'

Some of his previous releases include 'In Your Arms' and 'Fade,' with his current release inevitably marking a new and exciting chapter in his music career, which has continued to go from strength to strength over the past couple of years, which has included his amassing one million streams each for his first two EP's, 'These Darker Days' and 'Blessed Or Cursed,' following by another million streams for his single 'The Nowhere Times.' His music has become renowned for offering comfort, heartbreak and inspiration in equal amounts.

Here at The Lowdown, we had the opportunity to catch-up with Freddie Long and speak to him about his new single, his music plans for the remainder of the year and more. Keep reading to check out what he had to say!

You have recently released your new single, 'Addicted To Your Love.' How does it feel to have new music released?

"It feels amazing! I've been working on these songs for a few years, so to finally be able to share them is a special feeling, but also a bit of a relief!"

How long did the single take to come together, right from the initial writing stages?

"This one was actually longer than most. I wrote it back in 2019, then in late 2020, started the production and looking at where it could go musically. Weirdly, it started out as an acoustic song."

For anyone who hasn't heard the single yet, can you summarise it in a couple of words?

"It's a feel-good tune about someone who you can't get enough of. Turn it up loud!"

Do you have a favourite lyric from the single?

"'You're the Paracetamol after too much alcohol.' I worked with Micky Gormley and Toby Horton on this and remember when we wrote this line, we turned round and all felt it."

Your previous releases have been extremely well received. Knowing that your music is so well received, does this add an extra element of pressure when it comes to new releases?

"Yes - it can become a little too much at times! I've had to learn how to deal with it. I used to become obsessive with the streaming numbers and all of that, but it wasn't healthy. When I don't focus on that and put my full attention on the creative side, that pressure comes off. It sounds simple, but it really helped me."

Has music always been something that you have wanted to be involved in?

"Not really. I started when I was seventeen/eighteen. I never studied it, but was always a big music fan."

Your music tends to touch on personal topics, with your single 'Hope' raising awareness around male suicide. Do you feel that it is important to convey the importance of such topics through music?

"For sure! I'm a big believer in speaking the truth and what you're thinking. It's important we speak out and show we're not alone."

Who would you say are your musical influences?

"Linkin Park, Jamiroquai and Prince (to name a few)."

Aside from your live performances, what else do you have planned music-wise for the remainder of the year?

"More music! We've just finished wrapping up the music video for the next release, and then later in the year, we have the EP coming."

Finally, do you have a message for all those who support you?

"Thank you for the continued support! Be yourself and hopefully we can meet at a gig soon!"

Freddie Long's new single 'Addicted To Your Love' is out now and is available to purchase and stream through all major purchasing and streaming outlets.

By Rachel Dempster


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