Feature | Jordan Smithy

Following on from his time on 'Little Mix: The Search' back in 2020, the unbelievably talented Jordan Smithy has recently released his debut single, titled 'Keep Me Strong.' When speaking about what it has been like for him to have his own music released, he explained that he has been left feeling overwhelmed with the response to the phenomenal and breath-taking single.

The song has inevitably been a part of the difficult grieving process for him, as he described in a recent social media post that his Nan passed away unexpectedly, describing her as his 'Number 1 supporter, always pushing me to follow my dreams,' but he manages to express himself through his music.

"With the song itself, it took me a few days to actually record the vocals on the track in the studio, because when I went to the studio on the second day, I just couldn't sing. I had to go home that day and rest. The next day, when I went back to the recording studio, I had the strength to sing the song and go through it. I put all the emotions that I was going through into the song." However, writing such a personally song came with its challenges. "Writing a song which is really personal to me was very hard for me."

Having also recorded a music video for the single, he explained the process of recording the music video as "really fun." As this is his first official music video as a solo artist, maintaining creative control was extremely important for him. "It was really good being on set and to be back working