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Interview | Tally Spear

Tally Spear released her brand new single at the start of this month. ‘Can’t Find What I’m Looking For’ is taken from her forthcoming EP due for release later this summer.


‘Can’t Find What I’m Looking For’ is an energised, dark bassy pop track laced with a flippant rock attitude produced with Max Marlow (Kodaline, Declan McKenna). Tally’s brooding yet highflying vocals address the pursuit of happiness and being content in one’s self.

Regarding the single Tally says:

“We're always looking for something, someone, to make us 'happy.' You begin questioning what it is you're trying to find, and if it even exists. This song is about the struggle to find meaningful relationships, experiences, and the difficulty of just being content in this society."

‘Can’t Find What I’m Looking For’ follows the release of the acclaimed single ‘What Do I Want’ earlier this year, providing the first taste of the forthcoming EP highlighting her danceable guitar pop. She’s made an impressive impact on the live scene previously playing British Summer Time, supporting Akala and also headlining a packed Upstairs at Ronnie Scott’s.

We had the opportunity to speak to her on the release and more!

You’ve just released your new single ‘Can’t Find What I’m Looking For’. Where did you find the inspiration for that song? "There's a lot of pressure to find 'happiness' externally, and I was feeling like I was searching endlessly for something that may not even exist. This track is inspired by the pursuit of meaningful relationships and experiences, and the difficulty in being 'content.'"

You worked with producer Max Marlow on the track. What did you learn from him and is there anything important you’ll take from working with him? "We went to uni together so already had that connection, and we worked so naturally together recording a few of the tracks on my upcoming EP. We recorded this single in less than a day and just had fun with it. Having fun and trying new things in production is so important." Who would be your dream collab and who would you love to work with on a track? "Miley Cyrus - I would love to rock out with her and make something firey and raw. She's my favourite pop vocalist." Your EP is due this Summer. What can your fans expect from that? "They can expect honesty and hopefully something they can connect to and see a bit of themselves in. That's what I want to achieve with this EP, just being like, this is me and all the stuff I've been feeling, does anyone else feel it too.... They can also expect some punky energy!" You’ve played some at some impressive places including BST and packed out headline shows. What’s your favourite show that you’ve ever played? "It might sound funny but my favourite gig to date was a few years ago, I was 18 or 19, studying music at university, and I played a little stage at Liverpool's 'Sound City' Festival with my first backing band. The sun was shining down and it was a beautiful day, and as I played a pretty big crowd formed to watch. It was just a lot of fun." What’s coming next for you and what do you hope to have achieved in 5 years time?

"More music and more visuals will keep coming! I hope to have the opportunity to collaborate with other great producers and artists in the coming years, and hopefully connect with more fans and listeners. That's all any artist hopes for, I guess!"


Tally Spear comes armed with her punky brand of pop in 2020 and is set to make a big statement with her debut EP in the summer!

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