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Ones To Watch 2020 | Boy In Space

Let’s talk about Swedish-born singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Robin Lundbäck, aka Boy In Space....

Racking up millions of streams on Spotify. and acclaim from Spindle & Atwood Magazine (to name just a few) within a year of his first independent emerge, he continues to engage with each and every subsequent release.


Beginning his journey in the tiny town of Alingsås, 45 minutes outside of Gothenburg, this idyllic backdrop offered just as much inspiration as his parents’ diverse record collection did. Citing everyone from Red Hot Chili Peppers to Thin Lizzy and Toto as influences, he felt “born into music like a second or even first language he had no choice but to learn.”

As a young kid, Robin wrote countless songs to impress his older brothers and continues to develop his skills. In 2016 he began a solo project which eventually became Boy In Space.

He says “My initial thought was to do something different, but without shying away from Swedish

pop, I’ve always loved pop music, strong melodies, and big choruses. I’m going to be in that sphere.However, I knew I could have my own style and voice. I tried to leverage my range and high pitch. It’s a field whereI can express myself more uniquely”.

His debut release in 2018 ‘Goodbye” quickly clocked up 1.5 million Spotify streams, followed closely by ‘Give Me’ racking up another 4 million streams. Last year, follow up singles ‘7UP’ and ‘Cold’ with unheard, quickly joined the club with now over 20 million streams between the two, and the release of ‘On A Prayer” with SHY Martin creating an even bigger buzz, he continues to make waves in the music industry.

Now, in 2020, with over 1.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify alone, new single ’Caroline ‘ and more releases on the way, Boy In Space couldn’t be further away from a One To Watch if he tried, so we just had to have him on our list!


We spoke to him about his career so far and what he has planned for the rest of the year.

If you were to describe the world of Boy In Space to someone listening to you for the first time, what 5 words would you use?

"Melodic, Energetic, Rhythmic, Nostalgic, Weird"

You have 3 planned tracks to release this Spring, is there a story connecting the 3, or do they all have an individual tale behind them?

"They all kind of stand alone as their own stories from different life experience.

Caroline is about that girl or guy who you have a crush on but is completely untouchable or out of your league… but you can’t get them off your mind.

I’m releasing a cover of the song “Forever Young”… I love a lot of the big melody tracks from the ‘70s and ‘80s and so this song has been a favorite of mine for a long time.

The third song is called “u n eye” and is kind of about wanting to be with someone, but for a bunch of reasons the stars aren’t aligning and the frustration that comes with it not being the right place or the right time."

2019 was a hugely successful year for you and your music. What was your personal highlight?

"Probably going on tour!! I got to play my first ever shows in London at O2 Shepherd’s Bush opening for Alec Benjamin. I’m coming back very soon… and will probably be doing my first ever headline show in London before the summer."

Looking ahead to 2020, what does it have in store for you and do you have a dream that you hope to tick off your bucket list before 2021?

"I want to release a ton of music. Right now we are planning on two EP’s… one early summer and one later in the autumn. I want to do my own tour really soon. It would be a dream to do a Boy In Space World Tour one day… maybe not in 2020 but hopefully we can be planting the seeds this year to do that soon."


Find out more about Boy in Space HERE


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