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Emerging alt-R&B singer 12AM is making waves internationally from the ever-expanding Canadian music scene, signed to Sony Music Canada.


Based in Toronto, 12AM (aka Matthew Dubois) recently released new single ‘Hollywood’. Serving as a follow up to his superstar studded hit ’Showgirls’ ft. Tyla Yaweh and Pressa, the track is yet another display of 12AM’s mastery to craft deep message storytelling with upbeat sing along melody. The track is produced and co-written by John Feldmann. ‘Hollywood' takes listeners on a sonic journey of reflection and focuses on 12AM’s journey back to Toronto from spending years in LA.

We had the chance to speak with him on the release and more...


Introduce yourself and tell us a bit about you!

"What up its 12AM, thanks for having me on here! I’m an artist from Toronto, Canada who loves dabbling in some fishing and romantic boat rides across the seven seas."

When did you start making music? "I started making music when I was about 9 years old on a USB mic over beats I’d find on YouTube. Fast forward to right now and I’m doing the exact same thing but with a more expensive mic…"

Is there a story or meaning behind the name, 12AM? "12AM is just the time when the the city is the most alive. All the emotions come out at 12AM and it’s where my music sounds the best played."

Based in Canada, how, if in any way, have your surroundings inspired your sound? "Toronto is a huge inspiration, but I mix it with the stuff I’ve made in LA as I’m back and forth a bunch. So I take what’s popping in the city and what’s popping in the States and blend it."

How would you sum up your music in one sentence? "I make music you can f**k and cry to".

Is there anyone that inspires you musically? "A bunch of people but mainly Cher".

Who would be your dream artist to work / collaborate with? "Cher".

You’ve gained lots of traction on previous singles and praise from lots of influential tastemakers! Were you expecting such a successful response, and what does it mean to you? "It means the world when people start loving your music. I’m still blown away at the number of streams and all the fans I’m seeing at every show."

You recently released your new single 'Hollywood' - how has the reaction been? "It’s been amazing hearing the song on the radio everywhere in Canada, getting videos, seeing the numbers on Spotify and Apple Music… its mind-blowing."

Tell us a little about it! "I usually just freestyle everything. I record myself, so I sit in a dark room alone and hit record until a song comes out."

Is there anything else that we should keep an eye out for in the near future? "SHOWS, MUSIC, MORE SHOWS… WE BACK OUTSIDE!!!!!!!"

'Hollywood' is out now. Listen HERE @12am


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