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Embodying love, self-hood, heartbreak and hope, Sir Jude's music is a modern timewarp – a discovery of raw emotion through sensuality and imagination. It is cinematic pop that is hard to ignore. With a heavy visual focus, Sir Jude immerses us into her world, described as the sonic love child of James Bond and pop-grunge tones.

In fresh offering ‘Madonna', the track’s core concept is to reflect the dichotomy of the Madonna and the whore, the patriarchal respect of innocence and implied shame of sexual agency. Its baby Gaga energy and Yelle inspired production motivate a 2022, catwalk-like anthem that speaks on feminism through a veil made of ethereal elements and gritty grunge pop undertones.

We had a chat with her on the release and more...


Who are you? Tell us a little bit about yourself!

"I’m Sir Jude. Officially and by birth known as Juliana. My friends call me Juls which my

mother hates. I’m 25 and an artist/ songwriter/ producer. I’m from Melbourne Aus and second generation Italian. I love Casino Royale, French dance/ pop music, sustainable fashion and movie soundtracks."

When did you start making music?

"I started writing music and little poems around 11 or 12. I thought everyone did it, so it was a

surprise me that it wasn’t exactly the norm. At the age of 14 I travelled to Los Angeles for the

first time, and I was introduced to what I now know as the music industry. At that point I

thought, “oh cool so some people do this as a job”. I was just obsessed with the process of

finding melodies and telling stories. I taught myself piano at around that age. I’d labelled

each key with stickers and just kept going."

Is there a story or meaning behind your artist name?

"It’s a longwinded story, but it makes sense – somewhat. When I started learning about song

writing, I was deeply inspired by ‘Hey Jude’. There was this one line in the song; “ the

movement you need is on your shoulder” and I was so taken by it. I had no idea what it

meant, but there were articles written about that specific line and how Paul McCartney

wanted to change it until John Lennon argued it was the best line in the song. I later also

found out that the song was initially called, ‘Hey Jules’ (close enough to my own name, or at

least the name my mother hates). At age 16, I thought when I get a tattoo, that’s what I want. So fast forward to me at 21, I was asked to visit Abbey Road Studios in London, for the recording of a song I had written with a composer and friend of mine, Bryce Jacobs. The song is called ‘Sailor Ships’, and we had the most unexpected and incredible privilege of recording the song with a full orchestra in Studio one. So while in London, I got that tattoo and decided that Jude was the name. As for the ‘Sir’. I was listening to a LOT of St Vincent at the time. I loved how ambiguous and androgenous the title was. Sir Jude didn’t feel exactly right at first but eventually, I grew into it."

Where are you based and how, if in any way, have your surroundings inspired your


"I’m based in Melbourne, Australia, very shortly moving over to London. Travelling through Holland, Paris and Berlin I discovered so many artists and just immersed myself in the culture of sound. It has such a strong, undeniable presence that I was completely memorised. It inspired my exploration of synths, sound design and truly helped me shape a sound that I’d identify as cinematic."

How would you sum up your sound in a sentence?

"Sonic love child of James Bond and pop grunge."

Who would be your dream artist to work/collaborate with?

"All time goal is to write a James Bond song. But dream collaborators are Alex Turner, BANKS and AIR."

You've just released your new single 'Madonna'- how has the reaction been so far?

Tell us a little bit about it!

"Yes! I’m so happy it’s out. It’s been such a long time coming. The reaction has been

incredible. Everyone is super supportive of how bold and unapologetic it is. I think I’ve been

missing a good “strut” track for a while. I wanted to write a feminist anthem. This is a rebuttal against the Madonna-whore complex and a celebration of femininity, sexual agency and selflove."

Have you got exciting things coming up that we should keep an eye out for?

"There may be an album coming…"

'Madonna' is out now.


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