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filous & The Kooks | Hey Love

Austrian producer and artist, filous releases vibrant single, 'Hey Love' featuring bright vocals from The Kooks.


'Hey Love' combines the catchy beats of modern music production with the blissful acoustics of indie music. The resulting melody sounds similar to that of your average feel-good pop song.

However, the lively violin chords and sweet guitar picking gives the song a unique dimension. 

The lyrics for 'Hey Love' are surprisingly intimate, as the song goes,

“Hey Love / It took a lot to find out / I no longer need to run”.

Luke from The Kooks clear vocals makes the track feel more sentimental, describing a love that is both mindful and carefree. 

filous says on the track:

“When it came to producing the song, I wanted it to end up sounding like a logical evolution from (The Kooks) own releases, while giving it a new spin. The idea was to give their english sound a viennese touch. Distortion meets cleanliness. Guitars meet Violins. The Kooks meet filous."

With its upbeat and flirtatious sound, 'Hey Love' offers listeners a way to escape their glum surroundings and step into a more sunny atmosphere. 


Listen to 'Hey Love' HERE Instagram: @filousmusic



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