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Flaw Lust | Pine

San Diego duo Flaw Lust have released their new single 'Pine'.


Taking a dark and edgy approach, 'Pine' features analog synths and a catchy bass line, hinting towards 80's retro and new wave with hypnotic female fronted vocals are at the forefront. Experimental production which uses uptempo drums and a disco vibe create an innovative, genre-binding and danceable sound which is all their own. Flaw Lust was formed by long time collaborators Michael Buehl and Cara Potiker who have cultivated their sound by drawing from a myriad of influences spanning from early eighties electronic to funk and prog. The pair co-wrote and co-produces their debut album 'Seek/Hunt' at Cara's recording studio, formerly nestled in one of San Diego's hidden DIY venues. The album has been waiting in the wings since the start of the pandemic but the band are now navigating the digital realm via Spotify and Bandcamp.

In the near future, you can expect a live show brimming with pink bubbles, color-changing visuals, and a blend of live and electronic instrumentation.

'Pine' is out now. Listen HERE @flawlustmusic


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