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flawed mangoes x Will Jay | Fatal Flaw

flawed mangoes has released his ultramodern indie-tronica quarantine single 'Fatal Flaw', featuring the silky melodies of Will Jay.


'Fatal Flaw' brings us a super polished vocal alongside a clean and authentic sound and polished production, with hugely relatable lyrics right now during the COVID-19 pandemic and people struggling due to being alone. The track is really experimental, fusing genres together to create a unique and captivating track taking inspiration from indie, electronic and pop.

flawed mangoes says on the track,

“I hope this song can put into words the social pressure that people feel a lot but don't like to talk about, make people feel less uncomfortable feeling that way.”

Will said,

“‘Fatal Flaw’ is a song for anyone who wants to be left alone but doesn’t want to be lonely.” 

This self-reflective track is about feeling like you are terrible at maintaining friendships with people. The social pressure of being torn between not wanting to seem needy and wanting to stay connected with people you care about.

Lo’s crafty beats and production paired with Jay’s beautiful vocal melodies truly captures these powerful emotions.


Listen to 'Fatal Flaw' HERE Instagram: @flawed_mangoes | @willjaymusic

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