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Flawes | Highlights B- Sides

Flawes have recently unveiled three bonus tracks from the writing sessions of their debut full-length, ‘Highlights’.


The tracks have been released courtesy of Red Bull Records and mark the end of this sonic chapter in the band’s career: their album has been released over the course of 18 months. ‘Turn Back Around’ is a radio- ready, anthemic tour de force; ‘I’m Letting Go’ consists of the seismic tones of Imagine Dragons with the soothing soundscape of James Arthur; and ‘Number One’ is a piano ballad which perfectly showcases the group’s ability to be diverse in an increasingly samey industry. Commenting on the tracks, the group said: 

“There were so many songs we still loved from the ‘Highlights’ album writing period that didn’t quite fit on the album so the three of us decided to each choose one song to form the ‘Highlights Bonus Tracks’.”

Frontman Josh Carruthers chose ‘Number One’, saying: 

“For me ‘Number One’ was my obvious choice. It’s ultimately a breakup song, a look back at a failed relationship and reminiscing ‘what could have been’. It takes a different structural approach to normal which I love, it’s almost like 2 songs glued together. It’s going to be a fun one to play live.”

The group’s guitarist Freddie Edwards adopted the sensual ‘I’m Letting Go’, stating: 

“‘I’m Letting Go’ was one of the first songs recorded for Highlights, and for me, it marks a turning point for our sound. Before we wrote this one, the majority of our music was much more relaxed and downtempo. In hindsight it still feels like quite a slow song, but I remember how different it felt at the time!”

And drummer Josh Hussey hand-picked the lofty ‘Turn Back Around’, saying: 

“Listening to ‘Turn Back Around’ takes me right back to the first studio we started writing and producing music in... a basement in Notting Hill. That time is filled with lots of late nights and good memories. It’s a nice reminder of how far we’ve come since then. I also picked this song because my mum loves it” Flawes are set to release new music towards the end of the year.


Listen to 'Highlights' HERE

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