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Flechettes | Man of the Hour

Up and coming indie rock quartet Flechettes have just released their brand new single 'Man of the Hour'.

Both soaring and gritty, and packed with blistering indie guitar riffs, the fast-paced offering is sure to get people up and moving. Their anthemic sound boasts catchy, striking lyrics and a stand out gritty northern vocal tone, blending seamlessly together to remind us of the good times at summer festivals and packed out shows alike.

Indeed, there is a certain assuredness to the record that showcases a group truly coming into their own sonically, with each member of the young, Wigan based band a part of the songwriting process.

On the inspiration behind the track, frontman Jack explains:

“‘Man of the Hour’ was inspired by those feelings of insignificance most of experience when you're young and out on the town, desperate to impress anyone and everyone. In a way maybe it's an admission of feeling insecure, when image is still a massive part of everyone's lives and defines how we act around people, even our friends. It's definitely a song I've wanted to write for a long time, and we're so happy as a band to finally get a real hard hitting tune out there. As for the B-side, solitude, that was written a couple of days before we went in to replace another track. We really think it shows a tender site to our writing and gives the record a nice contrast from roaring guitars to gentle sounds that will appeal to those who may want something to relax to.”

Since forming in 2019, Flechettes, composed of Jack, Johnny, Nicky and Will have boasted their upward trajectory, having booked live shows all across the North of England and releasing their debut single in early 2020. During the pandemic, the band have continued to create and release impeccable anthems and moving forward into 2021, the group seem set to continue to turn heads.

'Man of the Hour' is out now


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