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Francis Moon | Here We Are Now

Let's talk about Francis Moon's latest single 'Here We Are Now' - a euphoric, dreamy indie rock anthem which you can't stop listening to.


The track is a glimpse into what could have beens' and past choices; even though some decisions hurt, things do work out the way they're meant to. Francis' airy vocals take us on a beautifully cinematic journey whilst lush instrumentation is the perfect accompaniment.

Francis says,

“Sometimes life leads you to unexpected places away from what you originally wanted, but you realise that you've arrived at something you wanted even more.”

Francis Moon is the solo-project of Swedish artist Francis Pettersson. Playing under several names and in various bands throughout the years, he has decided to now put all of his energy into this - his music can be described as a potent blend of indie rock, combined with a special, dream-like atmosphere, fresh off the reverberated strings.

'Here We Are Now' is out now.


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