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On his revealing new single 'hate you to love myself', LA-based singer-songwriter and producer Francisco Martin is found coming to terms with some destructive past behaviour.


The track arrives as the latest single from his upcoming EP 'Manic', out August 26th via 19 Recordings.

Francisco says,

“I was a terrible person to be around during 2021. I was constantly on the brink of anger and anxiety and fell a little too off the deep end. In turn, I treated the people I love and care most about badly. This is the ‘oldest’ song on the EP, and it went through a ton of different production changes before I finally got to the finished version. My friend Jon Hume helped me produce it, and even though the subject matter can be heavy at times, I hope you can still enjoy the song in its entirety.”

Francisco Martin announced the ‘Manic EP’ with 'Nobody Listens To Me!', a pounding, anthemic track that’s brimming with dreamy electro-pop ambience, angry and angular guitars, and get-it-off-your-chest song writing. He followed is up in May with 'KISSING ON A BALCONY', a frisky, delicately-textured pop single with clever rhythmic punctuations and pristine hooks, proving that Francisco hasn’t lost his romantic side.

After his first-ever tour, and a clutch of well-received singles, Francisco realised he had an all-consuming yearning to be his authentic self in his music. To that end, he worked feverishly in his apartment at all hours of the night while facing complaints from the neighbours. He now emerges with his first true artistic statement, the 6-song ‘Manic’ EP, a bold collection of emotionally-raw pop-rock.

Francisco’s dreamy falsetto, and robust belting are present throughout ‘Manic,’ but the songs themselves represent a new era of liberated creativity. The release bursts with dynamic musicality - stately balladry, cathartic, grungy aggression, catchy EDM, and moments of soulful serenity. Throughout the EP, Francisco bravely shares personal reflections on mental health, relationships, angst, and human disconnection in the age of connection.

'hate you to love myself' is out now. Listen HERE @franciscomartinmusic


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