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FRANKIE | The Catch

LA-based singer / songwriter FRANKIE has shared her explosive new pop anthem 'The Catch' via LAB Records.


When the quarantine period of 2020 led FRANKIE to return to her roots, her two worlds unintentionally mixed and she found solace in her guitar music whilst writing at home - this is crystal clear in 'The Catch', boasting powerful guitar work fused with truly anthemic pop.

The track see's FRANKIE overcome her insecurities and realise she's found the right kind of love, with instrumentation driven by a catchy guitar riff and cool drum beats. The infectious chorus is filled with feelings of positivity to leave any listener instantly uplifted. FRANKIE's unique and charismatic vocal tone is instantly recognisable, whilst 'The Catch' paves the way for a string of new material coming this summer.

Speaking of the release, FRANKIE explains:

“'The Catch' is a true peak pandemic creation. Written in my bedroom over zoom with my co-writer who lives in Australia, finished over zoom with my producer who lives in Canada, and all vocals recorded in Los Angeles by myself... in my closet. The Catch is about finding the right kind of love where there are no red flags or games like past relationships, and realizing that "the catch" of this situation might be...that you have found a catch.”

Based in LA, FRANKIE's obsession with 90's music and strong female artists from the 70's is what has shaped her tune-heavy brand of expressive pop. Citing artists from Stevie Nicks to Coldplay and Taylor Swift as her musical influences, she started out writing songs and playing guitar in her bedroom before moving to Los Angeles to pursue her pop career.

Following the triumphant release of her sophomore EP in 2019, plus tracks such as 'Home Alone' and 'Almost Famous' which dropped in 2020, FRANKIE has positioned herself as an exciting pop artist to watch.

'The Catch' is out now.


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