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Frank Zummo has teamed up with Grabbitz for his sixth release 'On My Mind' on Jauz's Bite This! label.

Creating and innovative crossover between the rock and dance world, 'On My Mind' is a clever, genre-binding track with indulgent electronics and indie-pop melodies. The well rounded fusion is sure to be the soundtrack to both night drives and sitting alone in your room.

Frank's talent in drums shines through on the track, delicate in places and climatic in others with wholesome vocals from Grabbitz and engaging production with the ability to totally captivate listeners in an instant.

Known most prominently as the drummer in Sum 41 since 2016, Frank Zummo has spent the year bringing his extensive rock and drumming expertise to dance music.

'On My Mind' is out now. Listen HERE @frankzummo | @grabbitz


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