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Freddie Long | These Darker Days

Following on from the incredible response to recent singles 'White Water' and 'Fade', Freddie Long has released 'These Darker Days' EP featuring a single of the same name.


Without faltering from Freddie’s Alt Pop sensibilities, the EP combines stadium energy with introspective lyrics which once again draw on adolescence and its aftermath. Song 'These Darker Days' is a sonic juggernaut of angst about:

“the moment you’re down and fighting the negative thoughts, vices and dangerous temptations”.

This sophomore EP is rounded off by Freddie's most candid and exposing moment to date and features his stunning raw vocals and a chilled vibe that builds in the first chorus. The track is packed with emotion, honesty and feeling that leaves us wanting to listen to more.

Talking about the EP, Freddie says:

“There's a strong message of self-reflection throughout these tracks. I’m no saint when it comes to my past and only over the last few years I’ve learned to accept that. I’m super proud of this project and feel it’s a big step up from everything I’ve previously put out”

Learning lessons at every turn, and putting this EP out independently Freddie has embraced the opportunity to take a 360 perspective on this exciting chapter of his creative journey. Taking a very hands-on approach to every element, we’ve seen him literally tearing through photos in his bedroom to create artwork, co-Directing all his music videos, crafting his style from the ground up and even making his own clothes.

Freddie, like so many others, spent his teenage years writing and recording songs in his bedroom while feeding his appetite for live performance at Karaoke nights and friend’s birthdays. When his mates convinced him to start putting performances on Social Media, and subsequently he started getting incredible messages and comments from thousands of people across the world.

Taking the path of being a singer/songwriter has never been one paved outt. However, with Freddie Long’s signature vocal ability that has a graveled undertone to it, makes you feel like you have known this voice your whole life. Inviting you in, Freddie’s talent can sometimes embrace you for a hug and sometimes it can make you feel exactly what he is feeling.

A true marker of talent, Freddie Long is the epitome of the millennial generation that is being torn from the harsh realities of the modern world.


Listen to 'These Darker Days' HERE Instagram: @freddielongmusic

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