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Fresh from the top 24 of The Voice 2022, Freddie Bailey successfully captivated the nation and Keith Urban himself. Performing hit ‘Wild Hearts’ with the man himself, Bailey is smashing goals at the age of 18. The Kamilaroi/Tamworth singer-songwriter has now released his latest dreamy pop single ‘Want You To Want Me’.


Tugging at heartstrings, Freddie Bailey taps into the double-edged sword of love with ‘Want You To Want Me’. The warm timbre of Freddie's vocals is what makes this track. Paired with the aching lyrics “You’ve got something I need, you’re all that I wanted”, burning desire and passion flow through the single.

Known for his moving lyricism, ‘Want You To Want Me’ projects the raw reality of loving someone and the hope that they feel the same.

Bailey states:

“I feel like this song can be seen from two different perspectives. One of them being from the perspective of a person who’s been in love with someone for the longest time, hoping they might feel that same longing for them to be a part of their life. The other perspective being from a person who’s experienced that relationship. Left wondering if who they were with ever reminisces on the past and wants it back.”

Allowing the lyrics to engross listeners, the ethereal pop instrumental is delicate and sounds like what a daydream feels like. Flourished with twinkling synth, the suspense of each verse keeps you waiting for the chorus. Propelling you into a wall of sound, pattering drums and rich, winding guitar puts heavy emotion into the chorus. Weaving guitar solos that release a built-up flurry of emotion and adoration, the single encapsulates the highs and lows of pining for missing tenderness.

Produced and mixed by producer Ben Horsley, and mastered by Joe LaPorta, ‘Want You To Want Me’ is an intoxicating indie-pop tune that takes you on a ride that you wish would last forever.

'Want You To Want Me' is out now. Listen HERE @freddiebailey_official


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