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Freeman Young | No Nevermind

Singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Freeman Young reveals his new single, 'No Nevermind'.


'No Nevermind' starts gentle and mellow, Freeman Young's vocals are delicate and tranquil and the song builds the tempo throughout. The track has a really chilled, contemporary R&B sound which is really current, and uniquely laced with indie vibes.

Over smooth guitar, Freeman sings intimate verses with palpable emotion. Ultimately the track fuses alternative ambition, indie vulnerability and soul spirit as it encourages a deep look inward without judgement.

Of the inspiration behind the song, Freeman says,

“I’ve lost count of how many times I’d overthink the most trivial thing then beat myself up for overthinking about it. I’ve missed a million Kodak moments living in my head. 10/10 would not recommend. Get up out of your head. Get after it.”

'No Nevermind' is the follow up to Freeman Young's debut single 'Running Back' which was released in May of this year.


Listen to 'No Nevermind' HERE Instagram: @freemanyoung


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