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On his witty new single 'Two Step', indie-rock/pop artist and American Idol star Fritz Hager couches a satirical commentary on the often-ridiculous male fantasy in a dynamic pop anthem, mixing Katy Perry-level hooks and boyish bossa nova highlights.


Featuring Fritz’s signature raspy alto, percussive guitar chords, and a humorous narrative about sexual blunders, 'Two Step' finds the Nashville-based artist offering a rom-com in a song; a catchy critique about fantasy versus reality, and the romantic hopeful that stands in between.

He comments,

"I wrote ‘Two Step’ with Lucky West, and we really just tried to have as much fun as possible throughout the song. On its surface, it’s a fun happy-go-lucky love song, but the lyrics are more of a satirical observation of the male fantasy, and what love is expected to feel like because of its portrayal in the media we consume."

'Two Step' is the follow-up to Hager’s January single 'Caroline', co-written by the multi-platinum producer/songwriter Drew Pearson and the pop/alternative songwriter Francisco Martin. 'Caroline' tells the fictitious tale of a one-night-stand gone wrong; a sitcom-esque drama wherein the main male character forgets the name of his heroine acquaintance.

'Two Step' is out now. Listen HERE @fritzhagermusic


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