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Fulton Lee has released his new track 'Be Somebody', the second cut from his debut, full-length, 12-song record, 'Sonny Boy', out later this year.


The track has a uniquely fresh sound and aesthetic that combined the foundations of vintage soul with the sweet, infectious pop melodies.

About the song, Fulton says:

‘"Be Somebody' is about breaking free from mental prisons of addiction and obsession. I used to have an unhealthy relationship with my art and career. My self worth and mental well being was so tied to the success or failure of my art that I was becoming unstable. One day I was up, another I was way down depending on how my music was doing. I found that this problem ultimately made me avoid working on my music, which made me fall behind on my goals, which started the vicious cycle over and compounded the whole thing... Lines like "I was made to be somebody" are meant to flip the phrase on its head, referring to "being somebody" not as being someone successful and powerful, but as being a human being free to live in peace and love people, not held prisoner to a never ending series of goals that make it impossible to simply enjoy the current state of life and be present with those around me."

Fulton Lee is a Nashville-based retro soul/pop artist that’s dubbed his sound as 'bubble-gum funk'. He’s created a modernized style that honours the sounds of 50’s rock, celebrating icons like Little Richard and James Brown. Fulton’s recently won Lighting 100’s Music City Mayhem competition, beating out 64 other local bands for a slot to play in Nashville’s Live on the Green Festival this fall. His 2018 EP, 'Baby Blue' has racked up over 3 million streams on Spotify alone, with features on the Netflix show, Raising Dion, and opening tour slots for Here Come The Mummies.

'Be Somebody' is out now. Listen HERE @fultonleemusic


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