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K-Pop sensation (G)I-DLE have shared their brand new song entitled 'i’M THE TREND' via Republic Records.


'i’M THE TREND' is everything you could ask for and more. They add another dimension to the track as the English lyrics take flight over the instantly recognisable production and irresistible bounce. The original, released in 2018, impressively clocked over 72 million Spotify streams and 159 million YouTube views to date. The track is fun, exhilarating, skilled and non stop pop. Just Perfection.

The group just broke the internet with the 2020 (G)I-DLE ONLINE CONCERT ‘I-LAND: WHO AM I.’ Drawing fans worldwide, they closed out the explosive set with the concert debut of “i’M THE TREND.” Penned by MINNIE and YUQI as a “Thank you” to audiences worldwide, the single drops lyrical nods to fan favorites, including 'Oh my god', 'Blow Your Mind', 'LATATA', 'LION' and 'Uh-Oh'.

The live performance also incorporated key parts of the choreographies from those hit songs. Musically, it serves up a sizzling Latin-style bounce punctuated by spirited and spunky rhymes and a bold chant of “i’M THE TREND.”

2020 remains poised to be (G)I-DLE’s biggest and boldest year yet as they expand their reach into North American and once again prove their international influence and might.


Listen to 'i’M THE TREND' HERE


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