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Gabe Lopez | End Of The Lost Summer

Singer, songwriter and producer Gabe Lopez has released his bittersweet pop track 'End Of The Lost Summer'.


The intricate electro-pop song is sure to resonate with every listener, with its universally relatable lyrics on the failed summer of 2020. With dreamy synths creating a lush soundscape and an encouragingly upbeat melody with captivating and expressive vocals, 'End Of The Lost Summer' seems to bring us some hope for 2021.

Gabe says on the track,

"I was feeling down because the summer just slipped away. Summer is my favorite season but this year because of COVID there was no traveling, no vacations, no family barbecues, no going out with friends on weekends. I felt an emptiness and sadness, and it reminded me of that same feeling I had as the August after graduating high school when so many friends were going off to college or were scared figuring out next steps in life. I remember missing the people I used to see every day. That time was long ago but the unease and melancholy were very familiar and immediate. There were a lot of parallels with that time and this summer. I just felt like this was a lost summer - both in that the time was lost and people were also feeling lost."

Touring both the US and UK opening for Belinda Carlisle on her tour, Gabe Lopez has earned a name for himself as a Billboard Top 5 producer / songwriter as well as penning and producing tunes for the likes of New Kids on the Block, James Brown and many more.

'End Of The Lost Summer' is out now.


Listen to the track HERE @gabelopez


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